Back to School

Hi, all. I went to my pharmacy yesterday and saw all the back to school inventory front and center! I was not entirely surprised as I am already at work to prepare for my undergraduate class but it still hurt a little bit! It means – summer is over! Well, perhaps we will get a couple of more beach days here and there, but for the most part it is back to school season.

As I am looking over the syllabus and updating it, I have decided to start a new Instagram page and do once a week blog. Let’s see if this comes to be! My class is called Data and Society and I am teaching two sections of it so this blog aims primarily at my students. I will try to keep you posted of what’s coming ahead. And what I have read during the week, as we live in a data revolution era, where changes come just about every day. Perhaps you can keep me updated too! Keep the questions and comments coming! Till next week, Dr. V.

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