First week of classes

Hi, all. It is officially the first week of classes! Strangely enough I am prepared, I have my lecture ready, I posted my syllabus and other information on Blackboard, and I even have my new Instagram account. And yet, it feels a bit strange because there are conflicting emotions. Yes, it is the first week of classes but we are still online and Zoom-ing. Only 3 percent of classes are held in person at Queens College this semester. When are we going to be finally all back? And yet, Zoom-ing is convenient. We don’t have to drive, don’t have to worry about parking, which is still a problem at Queens College. We can fit in more work in our days.

But then, is it worth what you are paying for college if you are not actually there? I bet a lot of students are asking themselves that question. What I can say is this: I hope that the time you spend in my class and preparing for it is worth it. I have worked hard to prepare this course, to update it, to include the latest and most relevant research studies. I always ask myself: if I am to take this course would I be interested in it? The answer is I would because I myself am learning together with you.

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