Another first day of school

Hi, all. Today was another first and last – my daughter’s last first day of school. If it is confusing, let me clarify that my child is a high school senior. The very same child that walked into her kindergarten class 11 years ago, which I still remember quite well. This day is bittersweet for sure, because it has not been easy to raise her. There have been a lot of ups and downs but I feel proud because we made it thus far!

At the end of yours and mine first week of classes let me build on the notion of pride. There are a lot of turbulations in everyone’s life, particularly for many of my students who are children of immigrants, like my daughter. Some people in the U.S. do not like immigrants, they do not want us in their country, which has always astonished me – how does anyone deserve to be born in any particular place? How does anyone contribute to being born in the U.S.? What I have found is that we need to persist. And despite everyone’s opinions do our best and not really make anyone else proud, but make ourselves proud! So that is what I wish for all of you in my class: show up for class, do your work, learn – make yourself proud.

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